Adding EV Charging Stations on Our Journey Toward an All-Electric Future

Electric and autonomous vehicles represent the future of transportation but to get there faster, it’s important to consider needs beyond our own products and ask about different aspects of owning an EV, like whether there are enough charging stations to meet the growing demand. That’s a question customers often pose and at times, the answer can cause hesitation or even skepticism about purchasing EVs.

To help solve for this issue, we are focusing attention on EV development and the infrastructure needed to support EVs and charge them quickly – so customers aren’t concerned about taking a cross-country road trip or worried about charging while running errands.

Convenient charging shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be democratized.

EV Charging Station

To support infrastructure growth, we’re working alongside EVgo to build more than 2,700 fast charging stations over the next five years, tripling the size of the United States’ largest public fast charging network.

The chargers will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy, aligning with our passion and commitment to sustainability both inside and outside our walls.

Creating a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion won’t be easy, but infrastructure growth is a significant step in the right direction.

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