Building the Female Leaders of Tomorrow at General Motors


"GM is one of just two global businesses that have pay equality in top, middle and bottom ‘bands’ as well as overall no gender pay gap across the company."

—   Equileap’s 2018 Global Report on Gender Equality

At General Motors, diversity is crucial to our success. We believe that diversity in all its dimensions — including of thought and experience — creates a stronger workforce and promotes fresh, innovative thinking.

“Diversity is all about the pipeline. And it’s not just about gender, but about all forms of diversity,” said Mary Barra, GM Chairman and CEO. “At GM, when we search for executive candidates, we require a diverse slate. If we find that a position has no diverse candidate, I ask the question, ‘What are we doing so that three years from now there will be a diverse candidate to consider?’”

We continue to unleash the incredible talent within GM by striving for gender equality and generating inclusive thinking from the top down, and we give our employees the freedom to develop innovations that can make the impossible possible. Engaging everyone in our workforce, and having leadership that represents the people in our communities, creates a culture where every employee can thrive.

Our organizational framework and employee resources sustain long-term commitment from our employees, and ultimately long-term value for our business.  

General Motors has established policies, developed programs and set statistical benchmarks to reach greater gender equality and diverse representation.

Gender Equality infographic - General Motors
Gender Equality infographic - General Motors

In 2018 and early 2019, General Motors was recognized for our commitment to gender equality in three top employee equity rankings: Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index (GEI), Equileap and JUST 100.

In Equileap’s ranking, we finished first out of 200 companies leading the way in gender equality. In JUST 100’s ranking, based on public attitudes toward corporate behavior, we finished first in the automotive sector for the second straight year and finished 14th out of 890 total companies measured. General Motors was included in Bloomberg’s GEI for transparency in gender reporting and the advancement of women’s equality.

We recognize that achieving a fully diverse workforce means building a foundation of talent at the youth level. Our partnerships with groups such as Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code and Girl Scouts of the USA advance learning and technical skills while building a bond with the female leaders of the future.

Girl Scouts discussing equality
Girl Scouts of the USA advance learning and technical skills

General Motors was the first — and remains the only — automaker to be led by a female CEO. We are one of only two Fortune 500 companies with women in the positions of CEO and CFO, and six of the 13 members of our board of directors are women. General Motors women are leading the company’s transformation to win in the core automotive business and the future of personal mobility.

We are proud to be leading equal representation at the executive level, and we are excited for the day when female leadership at the top is the norm.