Our Employees

Our employees are the foundation of our business, and without them, we know that little can be accomplished. While we closed most of our North American facilities to protect the health and safety of our people and communities, many rose to the challenge to help build ventilators, face masks, face shields, gowns and other personal protection equipment for essential workers.

As a global company looking to resume operations properly, we will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our teams and their families throughout the world. From manufacturing facilities to corporate offices, there is no GM employee left behind in this fight against COVID-19. We will resume operations on a cadenced, site-specific timeline, guided by safety, to get back to what we love – building and selling world-class vehicles.

GM Employees

If you are an employee seeking specific information about health and safety procedures, please visit the following link:

Something that won’t change as we embrace our new "abnormal" is the importance of caring for our employees:

  • As some employees begin to return to facilities, we are taking measures at our workplaces in order to protect our employees

  • We have extensive procedures to help keep employees safe when they arrive, while they work and when they leave the facilities.

  • When employees arrive to work, they will maintain a physical distance of six feet from other people, sanitize their hands, wear a provided face mask, answer a simple COVID-19 questionnaire and have their temperature screened.

  • In addition, employees in manufacturing, warehouse and lab facilities will wear safety glasses.

  • We will monitor the situation, adapt accordingly and make any changes to policy in accordance with scientific data and guidance from national and international health organizations.

  • We are committed to doing everything we can to protect our employees, their families and the community.